3 Tips to a More Productive Work Day

If you follow me on social media, then you already know that I just recently started a new job, meaning that I will be balancing a full-time job and entrepreneurship for a while--I'll update you all on that in a few weeks.

Anyway, one of the things that I will say that I enjoy about balancing life like this is that I'm more productive. I have a routine and am keeping track of everything that is going on in my life to make sure that I stay on task and can best maximize my time. I'll be sharing 3 of my top tips to a more productive work day. 

3 Tips to a More Productive Work Day.png
  1. Have a designated space just for work. That may be a desk, that may be a full (home) office, or it may even just be a table at any coffee shop. The important part is that you have a space where you aren't using it for other activities. Sometimes if space in your home is limited, you may have to work on the dining table but because so many other things happen in that space, it may be harder to focus. Sometimes people just can't work from home so they work in coffee shops or co-working spaces so that they can get out of the mindset of mixing work and play (or even relaxation). Whatever that looks like for you, mentally make a note of what is your workspace.
  2. Have a way to take notes and organize your work. A planner, an app, and/or post-its all can be ways for you to organize your work. We have so many things going on in our lives and if it's easy to forget or get overwhelmed at the next step. Recording everything you need is the first step in getting things done because then you actually know what needs to be done. I personally prefer paper planners to see my life in one place, but some people prefer apps, some people need just a notebook to brain dump, and others need something like post-it notes to compartmentalize everything they need. Find what works for you.
  3. Switch up your work routine every so often. This can mean having a stand-up desk, playing music, or even getting up and taking a walk around your office or neighborhood. These aren't things that you need to do all the time, but if you get fidgety like me, changing it up is important to stay on task. Otherwise, you will spend more time trying to get focused from fidgeting instead of actually working. At my work, I have the ability to adjust the height of my desk so if I get fidgety I simply stand up and work to stretch my legs a bit. Sometimes I work well with music and other times I don't. Going back and forth from it when I need to helps me keep working. 

Now more than ever for myself, I need to manage my time well so that I can make the most of each day and still have time to work on my personal projects and clients as I go. I am still testing out even more ways to boost productivity, but these are my keys no matter what. 

I understand that new habits can take some getting used to. If you want to be intentional about increasing your productivity, let's be accountability buddies! Once a week, every week for a month, we will meet up (online), talk through your goals, plan out your next steps, and make sure you are on track to being more productive!