We know that small business start-up costs can be a bit overwhelming, and we want to help you out with that. 


GG Creatives are here to support and empower you through digital marketing and content creation. We have a strong desire to help the really small businesses succeed and not let any potential drawbacks, especially financial ones, prevent success. We want to help you create content and market yourself to the people that really need to see you and what you have to offer.

We know that there are times that circumstances come down to investing in your business or being able to pay your bills on time. You have an idea about a business you would be passionate about, and that's great! We don't want to let anything stop you. Whether you are a college student, on a single income, or whatever else the case may be, we will not let your circumstances stop you. Because of this, a sliding payment scale helps us help you based on your specific needs without fear of insurmountable debt or any other anxious feelings. 



We have done freelance work for multiple brands and have dabbled into side hustles before, and now we want to dedicate our time and ourselves to helping other people succeed in whatever they want to accomplish! We understand the feeling of accomplishing a huge goal of yours or creating a huge change for yourself, and we are here to help you bring these ideas to fruition. 


Where are you at? What do you need?


We believe there are 3 main stages of the kinds of content you need in business. The stage you are at will determine what you need to succeed where you are at right now.

Stage 1: Just Starting Out

The very beginning! You just need a stash of content to have when you need it and you are working to get into the flow of digital marketing for yourself. 

Stage 2: Next Level

You have an idea of what works for you and what doesn't. Now you need a little bit extra to help you stand out in a sea of similar businesses.

Stage 3: Building Community

You have a steady flow and maybe are even making some decent money for yourself! Now you want to create a community to keep your customers and clients engaged and make them feel valued. 

Do you have an idea of what stage you are in? Explore more below!

Stage 1: Just Starting Out

Need some photos to use on your site? We can do it. Do you need a new logo? We can create it. Are there blog posts you want to feature? We can write it. Maybe you know nothing about social media? We can snap, tweet, and insta it. 

Stage 2: Next Level

Adobe Premiere Editing

From weddings to videogame conventions to vlogs, if you provide the content, we can edit photos and videos to your style. Don't have any content for us to edit? We can create that for you too. You can use these for your youtube channel or any e-courses you create. 

Stage 3: Building Community

boom boom jeans promo

Now it's time to really get to know your audience! Maybe you will find some new customers and clients through partnerships with influencers, or maybe you will hold some events (online or in person) to get to know who already follows and loves you.